Alyson Stoner | Advice for Dancers | Step-Up 3

I had to bring this old clip into this blog because her advice is just too good. For those who don’t know Alyson Stoner, she is an actress, singer and dancer, and many know her for her roles in Step Up. For me, I first noticed her as that little girl dancing in Missy Elliot’s music videos.

The advice she gives, I feel, goes out to just about any kind of dancer out there.

I think retaining a sense of humility gets harder the longer you stay in the dancing scene. You want to be the one helping, not the helped. You don’t want to be that dancer who lacks in what they do despite the experience they have under their belts. But that’s the kind of mentality that needs to change. No one has the right to judge the level of your skill, and if they do, let them because they’re not getting anything useful out of it.
People only grow if they are willing to learn. Like what bboys at the Bboy Spot and Nasty Ray always quote “Always a Student, Never a Master”. Having a sense of humility rather than  pride may just be the best tool to have in our mentality to become a better dancer than we were yesterday. Be always eager to learn.
Support each other. Improve together. Don’t do it alone.
Peace and Love x :)

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