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Sayaka Ando wasborn on 24 May 1981, in (Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture, Japan) Idol, model Height: 167cm Measurements: Chest: 84cm Waist: 55cm Hips: 84cm Blood Type A Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music Ability: Dancing Titles: Drivers License, Graduate School and Institute, 3rd secretarial course Sayaka Ando (安藤沙耶香), also known by the nickname Ansay (アンサヤ) is a Japanese idol 26 years of age. The Japanese idol (rarely are), are girls who achieve fame thanks to her beauty and sensuality, also known as Gravure idols, these girls are characterized by very erotic and sexy without having to undress or engage in some kind of pornography. Generally sessions are photo or video recordings bikini, achieving a very sexual atmosphere, without becoming explicit. DVDs [2004.12.24] Eternal [2005.03.25] Lesson 2 [2005.06.20] Healing Venus [2005.10.28] Aqua [ 2005.12.25] Ando Sayaka Collection Box [2006.04.21] Fascino [2006/08/22] Toi Kimi no Kioku [2007/02/16] Duet [2007/10/26] Day[2007/12/19] Night [ 2008/03/12] Poizone Photobooks [2005.04.xx] Mitsu no Aji [2006.11.15] Date. Photos
is a Japanese gravure idol best known for her appearances in the wide variety of Japanese television shows, magazines and for being former Race queen (girl that models for various motor racing teams)
She released 11 fashion themed DVD’s since 2004.


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