Gabriella Cilmi Releases Gorgeous New Single

Gabriella Cilmi has had so many musical changes in her short career. In 2008 she released her debut album, the soulful Lessons to Be Learned. This album was along the lines of Amy Winehouse, Adele and Duffy. Soulful music with old school vibes and a rock swagger at times. The album was classic and every song on it was packed full of emotion and soul.
Then in 2010 she released her sophomore album Ten. The single “On A Mission” was a dance/pop/rock mess and while it was addictive, the rest of the album didn’t have the same vibe as that or the greatness of her debut. Ten was never released in the U.S. The album showed a huge evolution in sound for Cilmi and even though it wasn’t amazing, it was still very gutsy coming from a singer who was barely even legal.
Cilmi stated that she was working on a follow up and last week she released the ballad “Sweeter in History.” The song is a gorgeous ballad that has a similar sound to her debut. Cilmi sings about the end of a love affair and her lyrics and gorgeous voice convey the message clearly. “Some things are sweeter in history,” Cilmi sings during the chorus. The song, while simple, packs an emotional whollop. While the song isn’t as great as “Sweet About Me” or “Got No Place to Go” from her debut, two of her best songs, it’s still a great welcome back to the singer.
While her album has no title, it is due out sometime this year and if it’s as good as this single, Cilmi will show that she can survive after a bad album.

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