George Watsky Cardboard Castles Review

    For the last little while, I have been anxiously awaiting a new studio album from Watsky (aka George Watsky) and it came out today on iTunes and I bought it and I love it so I want to talk about it. Just a heads up, this isn’t a review of the album, I’m just going to rave about it but I don’t know the word for that so I called this a review.
You might recognize him (or not) from THIS VIDEO, which is pretty impressive.
     He made a brilliant video about a month ago announcing his upcoming album and explaining that before the fast rap video blew up, he was doubting himself but then he got new fans and got encouraged to keep going with his art. Watsky says, “Cardboard Castles is about making what you can out of what you have available to you, and that’s what I believe in. I believe that you can get to where you want using what you have in you and using what you have around you.” and my favourite tracks are the ones that I think fit with that concept.
     First of all, because he is all about sharing his music and not all about making money, he streamed the album for free before it was released, and he released several music videos not only to promote the album, but to share his music with fans who can’t afford it. The album is also only available on iTunes so he obviously doesn’t care too much about making money off it.
The album includes 17 tracks, mostly hovering around 4 minutes each, and it’s only $11.99 CAD which is pretty reasonable for iTunes, I think.
     But anyways, onto my favourite tracks. WARNING: explicit lyrics.

1.  The Moral of the Story.

  I like how the video starts out with Watsky just rapping in his bedroom, which is how he started out as a YouTube musician, but then the bedroom is revealed to be a set and the video turns all professional with backup dancers etc. kind of like a metaphor for his career.
  I love the message of this song and how catchy it is.
Fave line: “cause waiting doesn’t work. and praying may not come through. and hoping doesn’t work. so I will be the one to work.”
also,: “bitch is anybody in my way, it’s not misogyny”

2. Tiny Glowing Screens Pt. 2

favourite line: “the reason there’s smog in Los Angeles is because if we could see the stars, if we could see the context of the universe in which we exist, if we could see how small each one of us is against the vastness of what we don’t know, noone would ever audition for a Mcdonald’s commercial again.”

3. Hey, Asshole featuring a lady I love – Kate Nash.

this song is about feeling like a jerk when you are depressed for no reason and can’t seem to will yourself to get over it.
fave line: “when you take a punch don’t you ever forget why you get up and you put one foot in front of the next.”

4. Honourable Mention goes to : Strong as an OAK
I like this song but embedding 4 videos into my blog post is a bit ridiculous so check out the link.
This song is about being broke but being happy.
Fave line: “I’m sick of the image. I’m living my life and I’m living it my way. I’d rather be making the choices I’m making than chasing a pile of money. But if that mountain comes to me I’m climbing it.

Check out the album. I definitely recommend it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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