George Watsky

First of all, allow me to introduce you to future husband, George Watsky.

What a dooofy nerdy white guy, right? BUT DAMN, can he rap, and FAST. This was his break-out youtube video that made him a bit famous.

I first discovered George Watsky through Speech & Debate when looking for a poetry pieces to perform, Watsky is a famous slam poet who writes just gorgeous poems that are typically a bit controversial, but they always really sit well with me and make me re-think things. Plus they are always PUN LOADED, which I am a sucker for.

Here’s a song featuring Kate Nash, ‘Hey Asshole’

The song is pretty goofy, here are some of the lyrics:

Got the power of my will
I don’t needa to win a mil
But I’m looking at window sill
Gotta take a bitter pill
Gonna pay for what I did to my head and my heart’ll foot the bill
Got a foot in my mouth and because I’m kicking myself I developed a habit of knocking out my front tooth
Looking uncouth
Want to hear the truth
Give it to me straight
151 proof
Telling myself it’ll happen when I’m happy but I’m climbing up a ladder that has got no end
Hung up on a rung I’ll never make it to the top, I’m looking at the bottom and I must descend
All I want to do is buck this trend
Everybody need a buck to spend
And I’ll be working on myself, til I work on someone else, til I get there Ima just pretend

While Watsky is typically a very ironic, witty guy, this song is a bit harder/ touches on depression. His songs/ poems always have a tinge of silliness to them, but they typically touch on more serious stuff too.

Here’s a really fun/ silly cover of Kanye and Jay-Z’s ‘Niggas in Paris’

Here’s something that some might not consider music, because it’s just him doing slam poetry, but he is definitely speaking in a certain pattern/ rhythm that gives it a musical quality. This also gives a look at what an incredible slam poet/ lyricist he is.

So while Watsky might not exactly be Rock & Roll, I just wanted to share some links to some raps/ poems that I’m passionate about and enjoy.

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