I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.
The BoS led by Charlie Flynn is hell bent on emasculating the finance
committee. According to what was said at the most recent FC meeting Charlie was
most likely to have been the one who sent out an email that states emphatically
that Laura Allen and Kevin Zurrin will not be reappointed to the FC. It is
statements like this that show that this BoS is trying to purge the FC of
anyone who doesn’t march to their drum beat. If this reappointment is
successfully prevented then the finance committee will be severely weakened. Mark
my words, without Laura the FC will not pursue the water company audit with the
same tenacity. It is Laura who has the most knowledge to guide the audit. I
have to wonder why Charlie doesn’t want to see this audit go forward.
Allen has served on the Finance Committee for over a decade. Under her
leadership the FC has made the towns financial matters more transparent than in
any other administration. Perhaps this is why this BoS is trying to drive her
out. This BoS knows that if Laura is reappointed that she will dig up every
dirty little secret that the water company has been hiding for so many years.
This is Charlie’s greatest fear. I have to wonder if perhaps Charlie is hiding
something; we know by his own words that he doesn’t believe in a transparent
town government.

warned awhile back that the BoS were intent on weakening the FC. At this June 3rd
meeting the BoS, apparently at the insistence of Charlie, will attempt to block
the reappointment of Laura Allen. We know Charlie’s out for blood and he makes
it obvious by his own words and deeds. He rules and is ruled by his rage. Perhaps
this is why the other selectmen can’t stand against him. Charlie may act all
humble at the meetings but don’t be fooled; Charlie is the one setting the
agenda and I don’t think Bruce or Mary would ever dare to oppose him. Face it,
He is the reason that the town has been opened up to the possibility of
multiple lawsuits.

          To all who attended my deposition and
those who wanted to be there and couldn’t, there is going to be another
attempted removal of a finance committee member. For the sake of the integrity of
the Finance Committee I would ask that anyone who can make it to this meeting please
come on June 3rd at 6:30 in the town hall.


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