Mr. and Mrs. Marc and Courtney Hansen!

I am SO HAPPY we moved back to Utah for many reasons, but one being that I was able to attend the wedding and celebrations of my friend Courtney that I have known since 3rd grade! The morning of her wedding, Aug. 14, started out quite hectic because I couldn’t locate the whereabouts of my temple bag which contained my temple recommend. I was freaking out….you mean I moved back to Utah and now I won’t be about to go to her wedding because I can’t FIND MY TEMPLE RECOMMEND! After searching high and low, in our apartment and through the Parcell’s house, I talked to Carol and she said she had seen a bunch of suitcases thrown into a closet in the basement (which is two floors below my apartment) and low and behold there lay my shining temple bag, recommend in tow just in the nick of time. Whew!

Courtney’s sisters Sydney and Chelsea who grow taller and taller each time I see them!
The MFEO (made for each other) couple, freshly married for time and all eternity :)

Courtney and I at her reception in Springville with her groom in the background

Hayden and Amanda came to the reception with me…this is them waiting ever-so-hopingly for the bouquet to land in their anxious hands.

The cute little candy bag given out at their wedding dinner the night before. Her initials are C.A.R and his are M.P.H. You can’t tell me that wasn’t premeditated.

Me trying to get a picture with the bride…oops she didn’t make the picture
Hayden jumping on the trampoline with the young boys. Boy, did she have the time of her life.
Three peas in a pod!

Marc and Courtney met in 2004 when Court and I went to EFY together in Provo. He was in our group! They dated throughout senior year, he went on a mission, and she waited for her one true love! They really are a match made in heaven, I love it! They are both seriously hilarious and I can’t wait to double date all the time in the Fall <3

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