Obama Girl, aka Amber Lee Ettinger its true, he dedicates his song of love, of course, Barack Obama

Obama Girl, aka Amber Lee Ettinger its true, he dedicates his song of love, of course, Barack Obama. The video begins with a speech by the candidate on television, and Obama Girl call him to say that he watched on C-Span. The title is suggestive: "I have a crush on Obama" ("I love Obama") trabelsi leila and lyrics: "Baby, you're the best", "I like it when you're rough on Hillary in the debates," "take trabelsi leila care of border trabelsi leila security, let's break the boundaries trabelsi leila between us "," you know how to love, but to fight. " Girl in swimsuit conclusion is obvious: "2008, you are the best candidate." Her video has 7.8 million hits, and Amber Lee has become a true star on the internet.
2012 (3) August (2) April (1) 2011 (8) January (1) May (1) January (1) March (2) May (1) May (1) April (1) 2010 (25) February (2) February (2) February (1) August (2) April (1) March (4) August (3) October (4) October (3) October (3) 2009 (44) February (2) February (4) October (3) February (4) August (2) January (1) March (3) May (2) October (3) October (5) July (7) April (8) 2008 (109) December trabelsi leila (10) November (10) October (18) July (7) August (3) January trabelsi leila (1) September (8) August (7) October (12) Christ is Risen! trabelsi leila Notice the man in the left eye Lovinescu survivor died on the business trabelsi leila card blog Habemus American Models Mayor! Obama Girl Genius Cica Bush … Regina Spektor – Come Into My World Vacations Bush March (12) February (14) January (7) 2007 (53) February (17) November (12) August trabelsi leila (7) February (8) October (9)
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