Review: Red Hood and the Outlaws annual #1

I think the best thing to happen to Red Hood and the Outlaws since the start of the New 52 in September 2011 has been James Tynion IV. I felt like Scott Lobdell’s run got a little weak by the end but all the issues of Tynion’s Red Hood so far have been excellent!

I honestly loved this issue, I felt like it really got to the heart of what an annual should be, it should be exciting because you’re getting a big, extended issue of your favourite heroes. This was definitely the best of DC’s annuals for the month.

Seeing Jason investigate who he was before he lost his memories is a good read and it’s really a different type of story compared to Lobdell’s run, and it’s nice to have something fresh in the book. The whole plot of this issue is good overall and Tynion IV’s idea for what happens between Roy Harper and Oliver Queen is brilliant and considering I’ve been waiting 20 months to read a story like this, I was satisfied and impressed.

I loved the interaction between Roy and Starfire and all of the scenes with them together are great. You see a character that’s very important to Roy’s past which made for an interesting read, and reference of the week goes to “maybe next time I’ll take an arm”.

Onto the art! The art in this issue is really different, in the best way possible. It has some great colours with it too. My only issue with the art is that once or twice Roy doesn’t look like himself, and he looks a little too manly. Other than that, the art was amazing.

This was an all around great issue, amazing art and brilliant writing! James Tynion IV is a great choice for a new writer on the series.

Rating: 9/10

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