Sally Hansen, Fuzzy Coat

  Sally Hansen has a new product: a nail polish called Fuzzy Coat. As the name gives away, the textured polish is intended to look fuzzy. On their website, it shows that they have 8 different shades. I purchased shade #500 Fuzz-Sea, which is a lime green and blue shade. 

  The company’s description is this:

              The ultimate outfit for your nails! Sally Hansen continues to lead the nail category with new 3D, unique textures inspired by fashion. Fuzzy Coat transforms nails with a 3D textured, woven fiber effect.

They also list off the benefits of the product. They are:
• Dries quickly
• Unique Fiber Texture
• Provides a 3D look
• Multidimensional shades

I agree with their claims. Fuzzy Coat is definitely a unique product. I did notice that it dried quickly, even before I knew that it was one of the benefits. I am happy about this product. Nails, Inc. brand has a similar product, Brighton Feathers, that I have been wanting for a few months. I’m glad to have found a cheaper (Fuzzy Coat costs about $6 and Brighton Feathers costs $9.50), similar polish!

The directions for Sally Hansen’s Fuzzy Coat are to shake gently and apply 2-3 coats. I would recommend doing at least 3 coats. The more the coats, the better the effect will be. I would also recommend applying a clear top coat (I used Essie’s No Chips Ahead). 

Links below.

Sally Hansen’s Fuzzy Coat
Nails, Inc.’s Brighton Feathers 

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