The Final Post (for now anyway)

We intended to send this out earlier, but it took us a bit longer to organize than we thought (plus Marlene got carried away with the videos as you can clearly see).  We want to take this time to thank everyone who helped make our day a truly spectacular one, please join us in showing appreciation for these individuals who really helped us out!  

Fay & Ivan Toyama:  Thank you for all of your support (financially and emotionally) to create our dream wedding.  We definitely could not have done this without your help, and for that, we are truly grateful. Oh and dad – thanks for putting up with mom :)  

Sylvia Fullerton:  Thank you for your extremely generous monetary support.  Hurricane and all, you helped us stay sane and created the beautiful table runners! 

Daryl Sequeria (our wedding planner):  You are simply amazing and handled all of the curve balls like a true professional.   Thank you for being my “best man.”  We hope someday you can enjoy Hawaii without us!  

Uncle Gary & Aunty BB:  You are an obi-display-making talent and we think you should go into business!  Thank you for also going last minute bamboo hunting and assembling the tiki torches.  Both our ceremony and reception were absolutely gorgeous thanks to you. And finally, thanks Uncle Gary for a great toast! 

Rachel Robertson & Greg Edwards:  We LOVE your pictures!!!  We are blown away by your talent and are so very grateful it was the two of you who were able to capture our wedding in the most magnificent way.  Thank you for sharing your time and passion with us.  

Ron & Mary Calderon:  Thank you for a wonderful rehearsal dinner, the restaurant was stunning, the speech was heartfelt and the company was perfect. 

Miwa Kozuki:  Thank you for being a wonderful friend, for being there throughout it all.  And let’s not forget the late night glue gun-crane-pumpkin madness. 

Julie & Jonathan Neri:  Right when you thought you were done with wedding plans, we stepped in and asked if you could be our emcees.  We are so glad we chose the two of you – you guys are awesome!

Keith Mackert:  Thank you for shooting our rehearsal dinner, as always, your pictures capture moments perfectly.  And thank you for your support the night before the wedding.  Monte is lucky to call you a friend. 

Uncle Sho:  Thank you for an uplifting and heartfelt toast! 

Spencer & Bryce:  Thanks for booking Paula and Lindy, helping Mom stay sane and for your help the day of the wedding.   

John Pagano:  We missed you in Hawaii, but thanks for making beautiful music for our “first dance.” 

For all of you who have traveled to join us, it would not have been the same without you there.  We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.  There are a few moments in life when you feel so surrounded and supported by friends and family, this was definitely one of those moments and we are so blessed.  It has been an amazing adventure!  

Monte and Marlene 

Top Actress

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