The Spamming of Utada Hikaru’s Twitter pt.1

            Many months ago, like back in November, I was missing the music of my favorite singer Utada Hikaru.  So I decided to attempt a One In A Million Networking Attempt and write a parody to Come Back To Me as a song asking her to make music for me.   My original idea was to send it as an email.

          The snag became that there was is apparently no way to be able to send her an email if you are from America.  Or at least not that I have been able to find.  She has a website, but you have to fill out a for on it to be able to send an email and it refuses to work for me.  I tried sending emails and twitters to her and her staff with no reply.  So this project sat on the back burner for awhile.

            I finally have gotten tired of waiting and decided to finish it.  Actually while writing the parody she released Sakura Nagashi, so I need to re work the lyrics a little.  then I can spam here Twitter account with the lyrics.

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