The Spamming of Utada Hikaru’s Twitter pt.3

I did it.  It’s done.  Interestingly enough just before cutting and pasting the lyrics into Twitter, I had a moment of worry, actually.

Yep. like that.

     See, this could go a number of ways actually and my big worry was that instead of being a little funny or actually attracting a little positive attention.  It could instead be received as weird, odd, creepy, really stupid, etc.  Of course I didn’t think about it too much before I was ready to start sending it.  Nobody wants to have a moment like this.
      But the chances of this coming back to me are very rare.  Granted my full name is on the twitter account, but I haven’t even used it since December or January.  Also, while being really silly and weird, the only people that would think so are really too sensitive about these things.  Cause in all honesty who cares that much to make a big point about it.  So I got over it and sent it anyway.  This is basically one of those moments that you see internet posts about.
         The Critique:
                – Utada Hikaru hasn’t actually sent a tweet since April 23.  So the chances of this being noticed was small.  So I really should have done it months ago, despite how awkward this could easily turn out.  So this is a project that I waited too long to finish.
                  – The lyrics definitely could have been better. I have written better actually, so that is something to take into consideration as well.  I also could have just tried to have completely re-written the song talking about how one song is not enough.  Though then again this wouldn’t haven’t gotten finished either.
                  – Also I probably shouldn’t call this a networking attempt, since there is no actual networking involved.  She is in the music business which is not at all related to story boarding or comics.  Really I was getting bored and had to try some random crazy idea.  Really doubt I will hear anything about it.

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