We were both young when I first saw you (Character sketch)

We were both young when I first saw you


The story will start from the point which Naitik and Akshara celebrate their 50Th wedding anniversary and gradually it will go to the past where Naksh get to know basically to their college days and till present in present naitik is 75 years old and Akshara is 73 the story will go back 54 years which will be naksh college days where akshara will be 19 years old and naitik 21

Character sketch

Naitik-: The only son of Rajshekar and Gayathri singhania, he has one sibling Rashmi. Mohith is his childhood friend

Akshara-: The only Daughter in Maheshwari Family has an elder bro Shaurya her best friend is Varsha

Shaurya (Akshara’s bro)

Rashmi (Naitik’s sister)

Mohith (naitik’s best friend)

Varsha (Akshara’s best friend)

Vish and RJ (Akshara’s parents)

Rb and G3 (Naitik’s parents)

Naksh-: Naitik and Akshara’s son

Naksha-: Naitik and Akshara’s daughter

Shyami (naksh’s wife)

Rohan (Naksha’s husband)

Naksh children-: Naksh and Shyami has 2 kids Kavith(20) and Savini(18) Kavith is the eldest of both

Naksha’s children-:Naksha and Rohan has 3 kids Anuka and Dinuka(22) are twins and they have a younger brother Manesh (16)

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