Windsor/Middleton Update

Well, Kate is somewhere with her feet up, I assume, as she should be.  William took a train from Anglesey back to London on Wednesday.  Today, he popped into the hospital with Harry to visit his grandfather. The word must have gone out, because it was a busy day for visitors. Charles and Camilla accompanied the Wales boys, and the York girls came by earlier in the day.

My gosh he loves those trainers:

Meanwhile, Pip and Mrs. Middleton have been spotted taking in a game of tennis at the Queen’s Club. You have to hand it to Pippa, she always look so darn cute at these tennis events. I love the whole knit look she has going here. The color is perfect with her tan, too.

Doesn’t she look like Kate here?

And what has James been up to?  Romancing his blond lady-friend, Donna Air, that’s what.

Who is Donna Air, you ask? I have no idea. Someone with beautiful legs who is dating Kate’s brother. (Well, I just Googled her and she is a TV presenter and actress.  Perhaps you knew that…)
The trailer for the Naomi Watts Diana movie has been released and I have to say I am excited. It looks like it might be a little overdramatized, but I will definitely be seeing it. This is, of course, the girl who watched the Lifetime Will and Kate movie. I may have cringed through the whole thing, but I would do it again.

Diana was much more beautiful than Watts, but we will have to work with that.
I will be surprised if we do not see Kate at the trooping tomorrow, so tune in again soon!

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