Dominik García-Lorido : Magic City [Season 1]

29-years old American actress Dominik García-Lorido (ass) in Magic City [Season 1]
The daughter of Andy Garcia has struggled hard to make it
in the biz but finally achieves a mini-breakthrough with Magic City.
Refused initially to do any kind of disrobing on-cam but thanks to Kelly Lynch
who slowly chipped away Dominik’s conservatism by making her sit
through all the nude scenes done by other cast members and constantly
providing the support and confidence needed by Dominik to eventually go
naked (edited for the viewers) in the season finale. What we can
hope for from the Cuban babe in season two? Frontal nudity of course.
Anything less will be a disappointment. Another barrier is Andy himself.
Dude needs to chill out. He’s like a shadow to Dominik, you see him at every function or events with her.
She is almost 30 and doesn’t need a chaperone. Either she makes her own
way or she will be leeching off him for rest of her life if the acting
career stalls after Magic City.

Dominik Garcia-Lorido is a fresh new face in the acting
world. She’s best known as the daughter of actor Andy Garcia. 

Beauty runs in Dominik Garcia-Lorido’s family. Her dad, Andy
Garcia, was included in Empire‘s list of
the 100 Sexiest Stars in Film History, but she earned her own beauty spot on People‘s 50 Most Beautiful People
of 2005. Father and daughter have good genes, but they don’t always get along.
With a strict upbringing, she didn’t have many boyfriends growing up, and her
dad once lost his temper when she came home sporting a surprise belly button
ring. She had the last laugh, though… the ring was fake.

According to Dominik Garcia-Lorido, there are a few things about her looks that
get the most attention.  First off are her prominent eyebrows, which she
styles on her own. The next is her behind, which she says nets her a lot of
compliments. Top that off with a winning smile, and Dominik Garcia-Lorido is
the kind of woman who looks as great walking toward you as she does walking

The most famous thing so far about Dominik Garcia-Lorido is
her Oscar-nominated father, Andy Garcia. While some offspring actors might try
to avoid the shadow of their parents, Dominik Garcia-Lorido has used it to her
advantage by appearing with her dad in no less than four films so far,
including the upcoming City Island.

While her parental connections may have provided a few career benefits, Dominik
Garcia-Lorido has made an honest effort on her own to develop her acting
skills. Not only a recent graduate from UCLA’s Theatre, Film and Television
School, she’s also taken courses at the Sanford Meisner Institute and the Lee Strasberg
Studio. As a testament to her blossoming career, Dominik Garcia-Lorido won Miss
Golden Globe at the 2003 Golden Globe Awards, an award that has gone to other
famous faces like Rumer
, Melanie
and Joely Fisher.  

Dominik Garcia-Lorido was born on August 16, 1983. The oldest of four
children, she grew up in Los Angeles and began dancing at the young age of 3.
Dancing would become a big part of her childhood life, but so would acting. As
she grew older, her mother noticed that Dominik Garcia-Lorido suffered from
extreme shyness and encouraged her to start acting. As a result, she earned
spots in school productions like Cheaper By the Dozen and Damn

With her famous father to look up to, Dominik Garcia-Lorido got to see
firsthand what acting in the movies was all about. First, she got to travel to
Italy as part of her father’s work in The Godfather: Part III, where she
met Al
. Then in 1995, she made her film debut with a small role in her
father’s film Steal Big Steal Little. The rest of Dominik
Garcia-Lorido’s teen years were marked by her active participation in school
activities. She played basketball, served as a cheerleader and also held a role
as the chaplain of her school.    

After high school, Dominik Garcia-Lorido resumed her acting
pursuits — a move that was welcomed by her father. Before she could take the
plunge into more challenging acting roles, Dominik Garcia-Lorido increased her
range and overall talent through intensive training. She enrolled at the Lee
Strasberg Studio and the Sanford Meisner Institute, and also took private
instruction from Josh Adell.

Next up for Dominik Garcia-Lorido was the School of Theatre, Film and
Television at UCLA and, part-way through the program, she got a special
surprise. She was selected by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to be
Miss Golden Globe at the 2003 ceremony, an award given to young stars with
famous acting parents. In an ironic twist, she graduated from UCLA in 2004 and
subsequently starred in Last Goodbye, a film featuring child actors of
Cybil Shepherd, Faye Dunaway
and David
, among others.     

After Last Goodbye, Dominik Garcia-Lorido’s next
project was 2005′s The Lost City, a film directed by her dad, who also
starred in it. The film was a true family achievement, having taken 15 years to
enter production, and it reinforced Dominik Garcia-Lorido’s desire to act
professionally and also work more with her father. 

Dominik Garcia-Lorido’s acting career has continued to flourish with more
substantial roles in films of increasing importance. In 2008, she had roles in
three films, including the racially charged drama Chinaman’s Chance and
the crime-themed Reflections. She closed the year with the action drama La
, which features Ray Liotta
and Andy Garcia in a story about an assassination attempt on a drug kingpin. In
2009, Dominik Garcia-Lorido will star as Vivian Rizzo in City Island, a
comedy costarring her dad along with Emily
, Julianna
and Alan Arkin.
If Dominik Garcia-Lorido has inherited some of her father’s acting talent to go
along with her beauty, she’ll keep acting for a long time. 

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