Eliza Dushku Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Facelift

Eliza Dushku Tells Plastic Surgeon To Bring It On!

Eliza Dushku is a shame. Why? Well it’s because she went and got plastic surgery on her face while she was still young and gorgeous. Opting not to wait for father time to slap her in the mug, the True Lies and Bring it On star went under the knife while still in her twenties. Looking at photos taken early in the 2000s and comparing them to pictures taken just a few years later, it’s pretty clear that she had work done to her nose and cheeks. For her nose job (rhinoplasty), she opted to go for more nose, which is rare. She appears to have had the bridge built up, making it more pronounced. She had similar work done on her cheeks, which were flat before, but now appear fuller. She most likely had implants put in since they’ve been so consistently plump these past few years and they look so natural. With the work she’s had done, she definitely looks good, but not necessarily better, and by having it done so early, she makes herself more likely to fall prey to over doing it and getting herself mangled when she gets older. She started out so pretty, and she hasn’t screwed it up yet, so let’s just hope that she leaves well enough alone and doesn’t become a Franken-Dushku in her old age.

Eliza Dushku Has Success With Plastic Surgery?

In front of the cameras from an early age, actress Eliza Dushku has grown up so beautifully that Make Me Heal suspects plastic surgery is behind the scenes.

Nearly 28-year old Eliza Dushku was an awkward looking child actress, but she recovered and quickly became every teenage boy’s fantasy when she played bad girl Faith in the Buffy the Vampire television series. Next year marks Eliza’s return to the small screen in a new series called Dollhouse.

Over the years, Eliza’s nose has narrowed and taken on a faintly peculiar shape, indicating a likely rhinoplasty. She may also have cheek implants or facial fillers in that area to make her cheeks stand out. Her plastic surgeries have been quite successful, as Eliza has often been named as one of the world’s sexiest women by men’s magazines Stuff and Maxim.

According to Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California tells Make Me Heal, “To me, it seems as if Eliza Dushku has had an obvious over-aggressive rhinoplasty with a pinched tip. From the photos, it looks like her nostrils are collapsing and her tip looks like a ball. These are tell tale signs of a bad rhinoplasty. Her middle part of her nose is also collapsing inward, called an inverted V deformity.”

“It also looks as if Eliza could have been cheek implants, or a filler. They do look good and very natural. In her before photo, she has flat cheeks, but the newer photos show what looks like more prominence and fullness in her entire cheek region.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden seems to agree with Dr. Nassif’s summation of Eliza procedures, although she likes Eliza’s nose better. Dr Walden says, “Eliza Dushku looks as if she may have undergone a nice conservative rhinoplasty as in more recent photos her nose appears narrower at the base and the bridge, or dorsum, appears to have a bit more height. She may have had malar augmentation either by cheek implants or fillers, or it may just be fluctuations in weight, which as we all know can be reflected in facial volume. Even as a child her bitemporal distance was wide (distance between the two temples in the upper part of the face). As we grow our facial skeleton grows and changes as well, which may contribute some to her changes in facial shape over decades.”

Eliza Dushku had plastic surgery relatively young, which means she will likely want to maintain her good looks and continue to have plastic surgery throughout her life. Make Me Heal looks forward to seeing Eliza when her new television series begins next year.

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