Forestlive! Paloma Faith

In short, I have had a fantastic weekend! There has been lots of live music, lots of driving and lots of lovely food. AND my first “popular music concert”!

Friday afternoon saw Craig and I “jetting off” to “sunny” Cannock Chase Forest Park for one of their Forestlive! concerts. My lovely parents had given me tickets to see Paloma Faith as part of my twenty-first birthday celebrations and even though that was way back in March I was still in a slightly celebratory mood. Especially seeing as Craig and I had been to Asda in the afternoon to stock up on one hell of a picnic. We had baguettes, cheese, meat, cous cous, strawberry puffs – it was great!

Its events like these that suddenly make me realise just how middle aged I truly am. After unloading our camping chairs and cool box, wrapping ourselves in waterproofs and bin bags to cover our legs and donning our wellies it was safe to say that we were fairly set for the consistent rain – it wasn’t going to dampen my spirits! It was amusing, however, just how much more prepared we were than anyone else in our age group. Rather than looking “cool” we were fitting in well with the oldies/families. At least we didn’t get soaked!

You might remember a similar experience to this from my Lytham St Annes Proms post last summer…It seems that I have a penchant for sitting in a field whilst eating and watching live music. Could be worse!

Though the warm up act left something to be desired (I can’t even remember his name!), Paloma herself was flippin’ fantastic. Her set was beautiful, all mirrors and palm trees – totally out there, just like her hair. I was particularly in love with the sunshine yellow platforms that she was wearing.

Not only did I love her music as usual but, boy, was she a fabulous performer. Even Craig, who had never heard of her before was shocked by how much he enjoyed her. She was all over the stage, letting everyone see her equally, totally performing everything and interacting with the crowd and even giving us a little bit of her personable stand up banter. Amazing!

Her band were also outstanding. I was slightly shocked to see a female bassist and drummer. Don’t ask me why, it must be some sort of ingrained expectation from long ago. Craig and I were particularly enamored with the backing singers, who we named the ‘muses’. Just something about these lovely ladies reminded us of those ladies from Hercules….you know the ones I mean.

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