Sneak Peek Sunday – The Circle 2 – Oliver, Claire and Andre

More from my vampire novel, Circle 2.  Still have fingers crossed the first one will sell!

Today we pick up with Oliver expressing his…disappointment to Claire and Andre


What a disappointment you are,
Claire. I was told you bonded with your trigger, but that red circle says
otherwise.” Oliver turned from the window to pin me with his awful gaze. Exposed,
I could only stare back and hope like hell my goddamn game face was in place.
“Oliver, we both felt the bond snap
into place. The circles prove something happened. You said we’d know when our
bond formed, and we did.” Andre’s game face was perfect. His tone was not
precisely argumentative, but Oliver’s mouth tightened and a spurt of fear
licked down my spine.
I’d felt something that night when Andre and I had made love after three
months of keeping each other at arm’s length. Months of misunderstanding and
reproach. But even then I hadn’t truly known we’d bonded. Andre told me we had
and I’d accepted that when I’d seen our altered marks. But why was mine red and
his black?  What did that mean?
“I can tell by your expression, my
dear, that you know precisely what I’m talking about.” Oliver’s voice was a
silken threat. For a second, Andre’s game face slipped, and he looked scared
and vulnerable. Betrayed. My temples pounded and I resisted the urge to rub
them and give away the fact my head hurt.
“What you did tonight was an
abomination.” Oliver didn’t need to strike me physically. I reeled from the
force of his tone just as I would have from his fist. “Sharing memories without
consent is rape, Claire. I do not ever want it to happen again.”
My vision blurred. Shit. Was I
going to faint?  Panic, bright and huge,
blinded me, but there was nowhere to run. Pain walloped me between the eyes and
I tasted the blood a split second before I felt the warmth of it on my lip. My
nose was bleeding. A roaring noise blotted out what Oliver said next. I only
saw his lips move and then he thrust a linen handkerchief at me and my clogged
senses became crystal clear once more. My heartbeat was so damn loud, I was
sure Oliver and Andre were deafened by it. 

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