The Cure at Osheaga Festival (08/02/13)

Cure ‘Close to Me’ sign at Osheaga. From Olivier at It’s A Perfect Day.

Setlist: Plainsong, Pictures of You, Lullaby, High, The End of the World, Lovesong, Inbetween Days, Just Like Heaven, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, A Forest, Bananafishbones, The Walk, Mint Car, Friday I’m In Love, Doing the Unstuck, Trust, Want, Fascination Street, The Hungry Ghost, Wrong Number, One Hundred Years, Disintegration

Encore: The Lovecats, The Caterpillar, Close To Me, Hot Hot Hot, Let’s Go To Bed, Why Can’t I Be You?, Boys Don’t Cry.

Huge thank you to Olivier, , , , for helping with the setlist & reports. Great team effort tonight. You guys are the best!

Reviews: Huffington Post Canada / La Presse / Bible Urbaine / Under The Radar / Montreal Gazette / Le Huffington Post / Sors-Tu? / 24 Hour Montreal

Photos: Darren Boucher / dvanwie / National Post / Osheaga / Dose.CA / It’s A Perfect Day / 123456789101112131415
Video clips: 1234Inbetween Days 

Videos: Highlights 12 / Plainsong & Pictures of You / Pictures of You / Lullaby 1234 / Lullaby & High / Lovesong – Inbetween Days – Just Like Heaven / Just Like Heaven / Lovesong / Inbetween Days 123 / Just Like Heaven / From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea 12 / A Forest 123 / Bananafishbones / The Walk – Mint Car – Friday I’m In Love / Friday I’m In Love 123 / Want / Fascination Street 12 / One Hundred Years 12 / Disintegration / The Lovecats 12 / Close To Me 12 / Boys Don’t Cry /

Show reports:

11:05 PM  @akajoeyjones – They’ve killed the main PA. Just getting stage sound. Monitors I think.

@thibaultdominic – as stage manager tried to stop concert robert goes into boys don’t cry. Pa system has been shut down

10:42 PM @akajoeyjones – Robert said they don’t have enough time for the full “doom and gloom” set.

10:26 PM @akajoeyjones – Crowd has really thinned out. Not cool.

10:16 PM @akajoeyjones – “Robert’s commented on the flies a few times. Guess they’re bothering him. The quote – “I’m certainly getting my protein tonight.” “

9:52 PM @ashtraygirl82 – Roger’s keyboards getting frequent wipe down and lotsa bugs flying around since we’re right on the water.

9:34 PM Anonymous – “Thrumming-bass segue to “A Forest” by The Cure at Osheaga festival, Montreal. Primordial.”

9:33PM – Anonymous -  “Wild & wonderful: The Cure’s “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea” with Reeves Gabrels’ sea-foam green modified Rick Vito Reverend guitar.”

8:59 PM Olivier – A huge number of bugs flying through the lights onstage – I hope nobody swallows one

8:33 PM Olivier – Eden Gallup just came on stage to take a picture of the crowd: cheering! The stage is ready.

8:23 PM @cookiepusher – got pretty close

8:10 PM @thibaultdominic – Heavy crowd for the Cure

8:04 PM @thibaultdominic – Setting up stage

7:40 PM @jmanley15 – front and center!! 1 hour to go!

The Cure return to Canada for the first show there since the 4Tour shows back in 2008. “Only” 2 hours tonight at the Osheaga Festival, so it will be interesting to see what stays in the set and what gets dropped.

The band are scheduled to play from 8:45 – 10:45 PM. US start times are 8:45 PM eastern, 7:45 PM central, 6:45 PM mountain, and 5:45 PM pacific. Finally, some decent times for us. :)
If you’re not sure of the start time in your area, just use the clock over on the right or check here.

No webcasts tonight, but if anyone wants to streamcast, please feel free to do so. And please let us know about it. :)

If you’re going to the show and wouldn’t mind helping me with the live setlist and reports (via Twitter, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.), please let me know. Olivier should be doing updates here, if at all possible, but with the usual problems of batteries dying, and lack of cell connections, we’ll take all the help we can get. Thanks!
Thank you so much! Lots of offers of help tonight. Canada rocks!

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