Wall of Voodoo – Mexican Radio

I have no thought who during MTV favourite this quirky number, though someway “Mexican Radio” went in to complicated revolution for the time upon the video strain channel.  Helped by the exposure, the strain reached #58 upon the charts (the band’s usually tip 100 hit), whilst the Call of the West manuscript coming during #45 (the band’s usually tip 100 album).

Wall of Voodoo was the brand brand new call rope from LA., as well as creatively shaped in the late 1970′s as the soundtrack company.  The band’s brand brand new call approach, laid behind vocals (almost talk-singing) as well as surprising strain has led the little to compare them to Devo, which is not all unfair.  I.R.S. Records (now who remembers them?) sealed the rope in 1980, as well as Wall of Voodoo’s initial EP had the cover of Johnny Cash’s  ”Ring of Fire” which generated the little buzz.  While the rope had the little Western influences, their strain is the bit difficult to categorize; altogether they were darker as well as some-more formidable than the singular would design from this song.

At any rate, “Mexican Radio” was the lead singular from the band’s second LP, Call of the Wild.  The judgment for the strain came from the Mexican air wave stations which the rope used to attend to (on AM air wave in their car).  In fact, the Spanish segments of the strain were available from these stations.  Similarly, the video was shot upon the cheap, in Tijuana (in retrospect, we consider which this helped the video).  Overall, the video does the good pursuit of capturing the individualist strain — as well as we have to indicate out the “face in beans” stage (around 3:33) which was an iconic early MTV image.

Unfortunately, frontman Stan Ridgway left Wall of Voodoo in 1983, right after their coming during the US Festival.  The rope one after another for the integrate of years prior to job it quits.  While Ridgeway did not have most success as the piece for one person artist, he forged out the successful career scoring films.

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