Ho Hyun Jung => Kim Hyun Joong “Yoon Jin Ho”: The Face of Success

At initial he was a propagandize castaway though he still manages to
climb a steps of success; which was Kim Hyun-Joong is done of. Better known
as Yoon Ji Ho (Boys Over Flowers) as well as Baek Seung Jo (Playful Kiss) is a popular
Korean movie actor/singer/icon was innate upon Jun 6 1986.


During his early life, Kim motionless to give up his investigate for
singing. He fool around drum guitar in a rope as well as whilst operative as a waiter, he was
introduced to a association CEO to be a single of a part of of a child group. They have
an suggest to launch their organisation in China, though they deserted it as well as shortly they
were disbanded. He thereafter try-out for DSP Entertainment (DSP Media now) and
became a part of as well as personality of SS501.
After a successful rising of SS501, Hyun-Joong joined
the expel of We Got Married, his really initial behaving coming in a Korean TV
series. Along with his partner Hwang Bo they won a MBC’ s Best Couple Award .  They leave the
show due to a little scheduling conflicts with Kim’s brand new array
“Boys Over Flower”.

He gains some-more recognition when he played a purpose of Ji Ho in
Boys Over Flower which he won a Best Actor Award during a Seoul International
Drama Awards in 2009 as well as a Popularity Award during a 45
th PaekSang
Arts Awards. Hyun-Joong additionally played a lead impression in a korean fool around
“Playful Kiss” (korean chronicle of Japanese “Shojo Manga Itazura na Kiss”) to a single side Jung
So Min.

In 2011, he motionless to go piece for a single person as well as launched his initial solo
mini manuscript “Break Down”. It warranted him awards such as a most appropriate offered album
for Jun upon Gaon Monthly Album Chart, #1 Gaon Weekly Album Chart, toped the
Oricon Chart in Japan as well as a gold jot down endowment by Warner Music Taiwan. In
November of a same year, Kim launched his second mini manuscript “Lucky” as well as just
like with his initial one, this manuscript additionally perceived a little awards.

He is a eldest part of of SS501.
In 2009, he was diagnosed with H1N1. Luckily he
surpassed this it.
Kim can fool around 5 instruments namely guitar, bass,
piano, drums, as well as violin
There have been a little humors which his subsequent coming in
a tv array would be a arriving fool around “Conquest  of a City”.
His Playful Kiss array is a initial Korean
drama to air upon Youtube as well as became a large hit.
He is a initial Korean to crop up upon Taiwanese TV
He complicated theatre prolongation government in
Chungwoon University as well as thereafter he go to Kongju Communication Arts to study
applied music.
He hates to verbalise English since of his funny
accent when he inverse this language. 

In box we wish to watch his tip korean fool around series “Boys
Over Flower”, we can download it here: www.filebook.com.ph.

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