Kaiser Chiefs => The Weekend Post: Bon Jovi, Kaiser Chiefs as well as Bush in Hyde Park #BST

On Friday, we headed down to London for the single of the Barclaycard British Summer Time Concerts in Hyde Park.  The title action was Bon Jovi, upheld by Bush as good as the Kaiser Chiefs.  And the continue was glorious.  Bring upon the Pimms!

I’ve been to Hyde Park the integrate of times as good as it’s the single of my prime places to revisit in London.  The open immature spaces have been so mouth-watering for picnics, as good as it’s only the undiluted place to outlay an afternoon underneath the sun.  When the song eventuality is upon though, the play ground unequivocally comes alive, with thousands of people flooding by the entrance.  
Now, customarily when we consider of the festival, images of disgusting, damaged portaloos, mud, as good as food poisoning can open to mind, though not during Hyde Park.  Events here have been many really some-more upmarket;  you’ve got purify flushing toilets, champagne upon ice, as good as food stalls offered the total form of meals to fit everyone’s tastes.  Let me only say, it’s the bizzare philharmonic examination the organisation of group in suits fist siphon to Bon Jovi.  Honestly, it has to be seen to be believed!

Onto the song – Bush played initial as good as were fantastic.  Jenna as good as we screamed the small hearts out whilst simultanousely drooling over Gavin Rossdale.  He still looks as grunge as ever, not bad for the man who’s scarcely 50!  Kaiser Chiefs followed before long afterwards, as good as when they had finished, we motionless to have the ramble around the park.

Benefit had the cold case with their MUAs giving recommendation as good as makeovers, as good as compelling multiform of their brand brand new products.  In the park, there was additionally the mini fun fayre starting upon with the helter skelter as good as the small rides too, though it was time for us to collect up the small food!

I forgot to take the print of my dinner, though we opted for the tasty Pesto Calzone from the small Italian stall, as good as Jenna headed true to the Smoked Salmon stand.  Next to which was the small tent offered all sorts of opposite flavoured epicurean popcorn by Joe & Seph’s.  This things is so moreish!  We munched the approach by the Caramel & Sea Salt bag whilst we waited for Bon Jovi to come upon stage.

Finally, Bon Jovi were here as good as we fangirled similar to maniacs by all the classical songs as good as roughly cried when they sung Always (well we were flattering dipsomaniac upon Pimms by this indicate in the evening!).  The set lasted around 3 hours as good as was the good brew of aged as good as brand brand new songs to greatfully everyone.  It’s protected to contend we had the good time!

*Our tickets for this eventuality were nominal – appreciate we Ana!
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