Kaiser Chiefs => What happened to The Kaiser Chiefs?

The Kaiser
Chiefs have been a single of those bands which shot to celebrity during a opening up indie
scene in a midst noughties, prior to inexplicably disintegrating in to an abyss.
Whether they were presaging a demonstration or singing “Ruby, ruby, crimson ruby-
aha-aha-ahhhh”, for about dual as good as a half years, a chiefs’ ruled a airways.

After the
release of their tolerably successful manuscript Off With Their Heads as good as their UK
tour in 2008/9, a rope motionless to take a break. That noted a commencement of
the end. The bands batch had been descending usually given their 2005
breakthrough manuscript Employment as good as a time off pushed them to a corner of

After their
hiatus, they returned with a their manuscript The Future Is Medieval. The band
took a risk releasing a manuscript upon their website. They authorised buyers to choose
10 marks out of a twenty they’d recorded, for a price of £7.50. This helped the
album benefit media attention, generally after renouned DJ’s such as Chris Moyles
created their own albums.

But a media
attention did not offer them well. Despite personification dual sell-out quip gigs,
the jot down perceived bad reviews as good as was a wave once a earthy manuscript was released
in stores. In an bid to rebound behind they expelled gathering album
Souviner. But once again, they unsuccessful to grasp decent sales.

In Jun 2012
Ricky Wilson, a lead singer, settled in an talk which a rope were
working upon element for their subsequent album. But in Feb 2013 it was announced
that they’d stopped essay to concentration upon alternative things. Today there is still no
release date set – it looks similar to there will never be an additional album. To supplement to
the band’s misery, drummer as good as categorical songwriter Nick Hodgson left progressing this
The Future Is
Medieval might have triggered a genocide of The Kaiser Chiefs. But similar to most of
their contemporaries: Maximo Park, Milburn, The Futureheads, as good as Franz
Ferdinand between others, they have been victims of an increasingly mislaid British music

Words by
Emily Murray

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