Kawashima Umika => [DL] Kawashima Umika – Himitsu no Arashi-chan! (2012.04.19)

Here is 9nine’s Kawashima Umika’s coming upon Himitsu no Arashi-chan! She get’s to be in a V.I.P. Limousine dilemma where she hangs out with dual members of Arashi. This time, Ohno as well as Sakurai takes her to fish! Full story after a break!

Some of we know that Ohno as well as Umika was together in a play “Kaibutsu-kun”. Since Ohno loves fishing (and we can see it in a commencement of this video), Umika longed for to go fishing as well!

Therefore, Ohno as well as Umika span up as well as Sakurai pairs up with a stand up comic Suzuki Taku (who is additionally great during fishing). They contest to see that span catches a greatest fish in a single hour!

Of course, Umika did fish one!

It is twenty minutes, 502mb, 3 tools (mediafire)

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