Kurt Carr => AWESOME WONDER by Kurt Carr

When you cruise a proportions of God, And all of a miraculous attractions which His hands have made
Flowers as well as birds as well as oceans as well as mountains
Truly God is an overwhelming wonder

You have been an overwhelming wonder
No alternative energy compares to You
Perfect in all your ways
Everyday true ever true

Oceans extol You
Creation declares your grandeur
Here in Your splendor
We obey to a consternation of Your power

With only a single thought
You done sky as well as earth
Knew my name prior to my birth
You know what lies in store for me

You written my future and
As you come prior to You now
In Your participation you will bow
We contention ourselves to thee
And to your overwhelming deity

You have been an overwhelming wonder

Verse 2
You pronounced let there be as well as dark incited to light
Even genocide bows in Your might
Kings as well as queens contention to thee
And broadcast Your majesty

You reached down as well as took clay in Your hands
Then You fashioned it to man
We mount in astonishment of what You’ve done
Oh God of overwhelming wonder

How when you cruise all a functions great
Thy hands, thou art have made
My essence cries out, “How good Thou art, how good Thou art”
The heavens as well as a firmaments
Declare a mass of thy energy

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