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Well well known for her impression or Blair Waldorf in a renouned serie Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester is additionally a single of my impression icon. we adore her given we watched my initial part of a New Yorkest show. we was around thirdteen a a time – wich equates to it was 4 years ago. The initial time we saw her, we fell in adore with her impression as well as her personality. Blair was someone we was reconizing myself in during this time. She as well as we were comparison in a lot of cathegory. Style wise, she regularly skirt classical as well as delicate though brew a small some-more select pieces. Dresses as well as skirts interconnected with confidant accessories (handbag, shoes, headband..) have been a pass to Blair’s categorical look.

As for Leighton, she’s a small some-more adventurous than her impression in a Gossip Girl series. This lady loves conform as well as isn’t frightened of perplexing brand brand new confidant trends. That’s what we adore about her. Lace physique filigree with trousers as well as heels, bubbly beverage skirt with hosiery as well as heels, etc. Despite a small conform flops, she still try brand brand new trends but caring what a alternative thinks about it. 

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