Leighton Meester => Timing Is Everything for Leighton Meester

Well this sucks.

Evidently, Leighton Meester was ostensible to be in a Veronica Mars movie which is now in production, though a single of ’em annoying scheduling conflicts is keeping a Gossip Girl actress from reprising her role as Neptune High meant lady Carrie Bishop.

Further creation this a bittersweet bit of news: Carrie is to fool around a vital partial in a movie’s plot.

“One of a reasons you longed for Leighton, over her talent, beauty/history in a show, was which you indispensable a actor who could sing in this critical role,” pronounced Rob Thomas, Veronica Mars’ beautiful father as well as a movie’s director. “Once it became clear which we couldnt have Leighton’s report work, you motionless to expel someone from a rope you already longed for in a movie.

So Thomas picked Andrea Estella, a lead thespian of a indie rope Twin Sister, to fill Meester’s shoes.


Photo: LiveInternet.ru.

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