Miyabi Yuu => Sayonara~

Berryz Koubou is back with their stand in A-side singular ”Golden Chinatown/ Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi”.
Wow, seems similar to everybody is removing stand in A-sides now. First Momosu, right away Berryz as well as S/mileage as well as C-ute will follow soon!! This is unequivocally cold as well as shows which Tsunku doesn’t usually caring about Momosu yet additionally for the alternative groups.
To this stand in A-side you have to contend there is the great strain as well as a not-so-good song, ”Golden Chinatown” being the bad the single here. Okay it isn’t thaaat bad, yet it’s only the bit boring. Some tools have been okay, yet in the total it’s flattering forgettable..
But during slightest you have the great strain here: ”Sayonara Usotsuki no watashi”. Yeayyy, Berryz goes voluptuous again. Like seriously, this is SO most better!! you can assimilate they wish to enhance to alternative tools of Middle East by ”Asian Celebration” as well as ”Golden Chinatown”, yet the songs only weren’t which great. This the single is utterly different. It shows their outspoken capability as well as fits Berryz flattering good. Okay, the singing tools aren’t devieded similarly (Risako as well as Miyabi + Momochi owning it fully), which is bad, since the alternative members additionally have great voices!!!
The Video is the bit awkward.. At slightest the dresses as well as MIYABI!! Really, you do not know what happened to Miyabi.. But demeanour for yourself:

The Video starts off very, unequivocally good. you adore the dance (Yurina Center, yeah) as well as I’m happy Berryz has such the absolute dance, even yet they aren’t as great during dancing as for e.g. C-ute.

Risako looks essentially unequivocally great here. The hair isn’t which bad once as well as even yet she tries the bit as well tough to be sexy, it’s fine here.. :)

And here it comes.. you do not know what it is which creates her demeanour so awkward.. Her lipstick as well as her hair? And her expressions?

Momochi.. At slightest she doesn’t have pigtails here..

You know, this dance looks odd, when you do it, okay?

Seriously.. what’s up with her make-up???
And what’s with the peculiar immature background?

Okay, she looks the bit reduction awkward..
(Oh how you hatred these subtitles… they were great with ”Brainstorming” yet right away they’re looming everywhere as well as it destroys the shade shots..)

Risako’s voice is been used unequivocally great here!! But she still Looks the bit peculiar when she tries to be sexy.. Well, improved than Miyabi…

Risako: Am you not pretty??
Hm, you are.. Just stop pouting, okay??


Chinami!! Sad which she’s shafted again..

And Maasa, too. Come on, her voice is unequivocally good, because do not you make use of that??

Captain looks the bit tired… But still, you consider she gets some-more pleasing everytime..

Momochi is excusable here.. Her voice sounds essentially great as well as she doesn’t demeanour Ultra cute..

Risako in contact with for free!!
Risako: Hey! Let go off me!!

Captain is still the most appropriate dancer here! She’s all in to it.. XP

Okay the dance isn’t as great as in the beginning..

Captain looks kinda odd..
Saki: I do not similar to it..

Lol.. Berryz fail..
Momochi: Whooaa.. *faints*
Risako: Muahahaha, my victory..
Miyabi: Pf, kids..

Risako: What am you you do here??

Risako: Look, here..
Miyabi: Eh.. whatever..
Maasa: Come as well as cuddle me!!
Chinami: Whut??

Now, Yurina is all drunk.. XP

Yurina: I’m not drunk!!

Sekushiiii, Saki!

Now, everybody wants to hold Miyabi..
Chinami’s hair looks droll here..

Wow, Maasa.. She’s so beautiful..

Lol.. that’s all you have to say.. XP (oh, as well as the tallness disproportion in between Yurina as well as Momochi is funny..)

Awkward Miyabi being all alone in an peculiar box..

Momochi only looks similar to the small child.. similar to always..

Risako: Boooo!
Creepy.. :o

The dresses demeanour improved when it’s dark..
- The End -

So actually, this video is peculiar as well as the bit droll even if it should be sexy..
Let’s right away see how the video for ”Golden Chinatown” Looks like:

It Begins with the same dim dance Scene.. Just with an additional Background..

Interesting shots of the members..

Miyabeam looks reduction ungainly than in Sayonara…!

Risako though… what’s up with her hair??

This modifying confuses me..

Oh nooo.. pigtails have been back.. :O

Okay, the dance is the lot simplier as well as simpler to follow..

Holy Sh*t… o.O Who have been you as well as what have you finished with Saki?? As you said.. she gets some-more pleasing everytime..

Mini Saki: Heyoooo~

We will right away quarrel you with the earth-bender power!!

Maasa? Wow everybody is so pleasing here.. (okay, Maasa has regularly been beautiful)

Chinami is still some-more lovable than beautiful.. generally with which hairstyle..

Yeay, you adore dances similar to this.. as well as Maasa is during the front..

Ew.. Momoko is half asleep..

And Risako is pouting again.. Seriously, her voice can be soo great, yet she can’t work with the camera..

Chinami though..
Chinami: Waaaaaah.. I’m so happy!!

This Looks epic.. Captain all the way..

Maasa: Oh no, you forsaken something!
Miyabi: Ohohohoho..
Chinami: Woaah, demeanour there!

Ew.. pigtails..

Yurina looks the bit depressed..

The dance…

.. is the bit odd..

Saki: Hey! you CAN Dance!!

Miyabi: What yhould you do with Momoko?
Risako: Let’s only chuck her out, ‘kay?

Yeay, Maasa.. (and the creepy Momochi eye o.O)
Yurina: Ts, I’m so tall, you can’t see any the single else..

The black of beauty..

Yurina is so happy..
Creepy Momochi additionally tries to demeanour happy.. :’D

Oh no, I’ve found the passed Maasa
Maasa: I’m not dead.. you only saw the creepy pigtail monster..

Momochi: You meant me??

Miyabi: You recollect what you pronounced about throwing her out?
Risako: Yep, let’s do which now!

Captain: I will assistance you!!

Sexy shots again..

- The End -

Wow, seriously, this video is awesome! It’s funny, voluptuous as well as beautiful.
If you right away review both songs, you would contend the strain for ”Sayonara..” is soo most improved than ”Golden Chinatown” but the video for ”Golden Chinatown” is approach improved than the alternative one.. Why didn’t they only Switch the Videos?? LOL xD

So all in all, you consider this is the great stand in A-side. There have been the couple of things you do not like, yet it’s okay.. you suffer both songs with their Videos as well as you similar to Berryz Koubou, so yeah.. ;)

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