Miyabi Yuu => We’ll Miss You, Miyabi!

Big headlines has strike a Boob-iverse: Miyabi Hayama‘s imminent retirement. The detriment of this beautiful Asian BBW inspires a postponement for thoughtfulness upon her career. She initial came to my courtesy with her Tokyo Topless entrance a small time prior to Mar 2004. At right we see a girlish immature Miyabi of which epoch in her second appearance already sporting an considerable 129.5(96K)-86-98 figure. Spectacular as she already was, she was to stand a heights over a subsequent decade, attaining her now reported 144(M)-86-118.

In this image from from her blog during a left we see how overwhelming she looks in glasses, regularly a undiluted further to Asian charms, we think, generally with as poetic a face as Miyabi’s.

She initial donned her eyeglasses for Tokyo Topless about Mar 2005, in her eighth appearance for a site, seen during right. By this time her figure was listed as 141(98L)-88-110.

She was never really active upon DVD, apparently, yet some-more of a emporium girl, looming during Moe no rinjin (萌えの隣人). Most of her DVDs were done with IZM, yet she done a noted coming with Hana Uehara in Nov 2009 during Akira Takatsuki‘s Cinema Unit GAS. Her initial well known (to me) starring DVD was IZM’s Jan 2008 release, Full-Breasted Soaked Ginger, Raping Men with a Pressure of Breasts! Miyabi Hayama (ICD-55), stills from which have been during a left.

Here she is, timid during a tallness of her career, in her most new appearance during Tokyo Topless. Her twenty appearances have her a single of a site’s many visit models.

And finally, here she is in what is reported to be her last DVD, IZM’s Jan 2012 recover Wife with a 144-cm Bust (ICD-173).
I do not know a reason for her retirement, yet we consternation if a title/theme of this last DVD drops a spirit which a small propitious illegitimate landed her! But, whatever a reason, farewell Miyabi, we will be missed! Thanks for a mammaries, as well as most appropriate of fitness in your future!

For a evening’s party we once again incited to a reliable Mill Creek 50 Mystery box. Testing my luck, we picked a movie during random: Too Late for Tears (1949) as well as it incited out to be an additional erotically appealing small B-movie. Jean Gillie in Decoy (1946) is presumably a fatal-est of femmes fatale, but– zero opposite Gillie– we consider Lizabeth Scott in this movie is a tighten second– as infamous a femme fatale as they come. Add a regularly charmingly slippery Dan Duryea in to a mix, a tract with all a fatalism, seediness as well as snappy/cheesy discourse of most appropriate noir as well as you’ve got an additional B-movie winner. Eight out of Ten stars.

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