This was a week when ONE8 voiced a extraordinary plan is sponsored by Africa’s tip mobile phone user AIRTEL. The proclamation came during a undiluted time during a launch of ‘Hands opposite a World’ during a launch of a AIRTEL code during KICC in Nairobi, Kenya. AIRTEL’s goal is to broach a summary of concept strain to a world. Now well known as AIRTEL ONE8 this is a single insubordinate as well as pan-African plan that’s endeavors to bond different cultures, languages as well as strain in 53 countries.

AIRTEL is a central mobile phone user which will broach a strain ‘Hands opposite a World’ to a rank as well as file of ONE8 fans via a continent. All a subscribers have to do is send an SMS to 6262 with a word ONE8 as well as a strain is delivered to their phones in no time. AIRTEL will capacitate ONE8 artists to go opposite a continent to perform their strain by events as well as most alternative digital platforms. The categorical target of AIRTEL is to lead in ordering Africans by their strain as well as culture.

To keep up with AIRTEL ONE8 greatfully follow a following links:,,,,,

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