One8 => ONE8

ONE8 represents a dream, a mental condition for a improved place, a improved world.

let a universe mount up,stretch out their hands opposite a world.


the earth by their lungs nonetheless inhale as well as still yawns.

repose to a African color,

the red red blood issuing by your veins.

the pleasing ones have been born,

feel their loving, relocating embrace

bracing a togetherness struggling by a red red blood as well as brain.


7 continents as well as you

baptized, embedded by a suggestion in to a single body,

the future of male entering tranquillity opposite a pleasing timberland of love/

how barren as well as bereft of hate.

With my hands stretched

i’m reaching for a universe where,

unworn lust wears off


unworn adore is expelled similar to a flood.

reaching to a thick dim bloods as well as light ones too

seeking those of my kind.

a universe where

eagles twitter a abyss of a clouds


black stars constellate a sky.

i’m reaching to a universe of have as well as have-nots

for a universe of adore as well as hate- nots


the ire of assent quells a miserable fears.

i’m reaching for a universe where goal is fair

never gives up

never closes a door

better days have come

reaching to a universe of dim skins as well as white souls.

i am stretching my hands opposite a globe


savage acts of terrorism continues to reap victims.

reaching for a heart violence conviction in honest volumes,

reaching for a brand new day

capturing tomorrow as well as yester years

reaching out for hope

hand in palm with my brothers opposite a globe,

sharing my glory

sharing my plight.

A universe where,

the unicorn can run with pride.

calling out to motherhood

stretch ye consternation strong hands opposite a hoods.

reaching for a universe where,

the stretch in between them as well as us

is this little join of love.

reaching to a universe aged as well as damaged down..

vultures available for a rust, a waste of modernity. reaching for a universe where,

the passed as well as immature leaves confusion on top of a sea sky.

reaching out as well as job for a universe DEFYING GRAVITY

the call to encounter a LORD.


7 continents as well as we in a single body/

live a dream

share a dream

tag your nation

air your passion,

air your dream

feel free.

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