There was fad during SONY’s Rock4000 as Kenya’s draft commanding songstress Amani assimilated a super African strain group; – One8. This creates her a initial woman of a One 8 organisation which consists of usually masculine artists together with Navio from Uganda, JK from Zambia, 4 × 4 from Ghana, Movaizhaleine from Gabon, Fally Ipupa from Congo DRC as well as Ali Kiba from Tanzania. Amani whose name equates to assent in Swahili is a seventh part of of this endless African strain organisation which is firm to shake up up a party landscape in Africa really soon.

Born Cecilia Wairimu, Amani proposed behaving during an early age in church bent shows as well as was already essay her own songs by a time she was in initial school. She available her initial singular whilst in tall school. In 1999 she had her initial air wave hit, with a large lane ‘Move On’, a single of a initial home grown Kenyan songs to strech series a single all vital internal air wave charts. She followed up upon this success with a partnership with tip Kenyan artist Nameless, as well as a strike lane Ninanoki which became an present classical opposite East Africa.

Amani wasn’t finished with releasing hits, in 2004 an additional collaboration, with Big Pin as well as Pantonee gave Amani an additional strike with ‘Talk to You’, a strain which became a many requested opposite Kenyan air wave which year. The strain surfaced all a charts as well as saw Amani’s receptive to advice building in to a richer as well as some-more permitted R & B style. Her rarely expected entrance album, Amani was expelled in 2006, shortly followed with a recover of her sophomore Tamani in 2007, both being awarded as well as apropos critically acclaimed opposite a segment as well as continent.

Amani’s balmy strain is civic as well as African, fortifying with memorable melodies which showcase both Amani’s outspoken as well as song-writing talents. She has been awarded for Kisima Awards Best Female Artist 2006 as well as Best Collaboration, as well as in 2007 for Best Female Boomba Artist. Amani has additionally been nominated for a Channel O video endowment in 2008 for Best Female Artist East Africa. She won a MTV African Music Award for Best Female Artist 2009 to one side a slew of nominations during a 2009 Channel O Music Awards.

Amani has toured a universe carrying played concerts in Norway in 2007, in Germany in 2008 during a Zanzibar International Film Festival, for a boss of Ghana as well as even in San Diego, California during a US debate in 2008. Amani’s singular East African R & B as well as her definite character move an fortifying as well as soulful feel to a ONE8 group.,,,,

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