After weeks of speculation, 8 superstars from opposite Africa have assimilated with a singular vital megastar to form ONE8; a all star organisation to have a most appropriate strain from Africa onto a tellurian theatre as well as joining millions of fans by a concept denunciation of music. Through a energy of a concept denunciation of strain as well as mixing genres, sounds, voices as well as audiences – whilst violation down stereotypes, geographical borders as well as groups – ONE8 is a idealisation strain force that is single-handedly becoming different a face of a African strain industry. ONE8 consists of a hottest African bent from 8 vital African countries.

The energy as well as fad around this common of African stars is so large that ONE8 will be not usually be assimilated by a singular of a greatest tellurian megastars as well as icons in strain for a initial singular as well as video, about to be available in Chicago, USA, though this superstar, who’s played a consequential purpose in defining R&B as well as Hip-Hop as you know it, will furnish a strain as well as video together with a little of a greatest names in strain as well as strain video prolongation in a universe today.

This all star organisation ONE8 is constructed as well as managed by a initial vital pan-African jot down tag as well as 360 strain company, ROCKSTAR4000 inside of a family of a world’s series 1 recording association Sony Music. Sony Music has delivered a little of music’s greatest icons as well as pioneers in a story of strain together with a likes of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, R Kelly, Alicia Keys, Usher, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Neil Diamond, Bruce Springsteen, Santana as well as Shakira to name a few. ONE8 is unfailing for greatness, ruinous perceptions about African strain as it builds networks as well as fad opposite African as well as opposite a world.

ONE8 is a progressive, digital media driven plan – driven by a passion of a artists to not usually concede their fans entrance around a clock, though to give them a leisure to shun from their each day hurdles as well as lenient their fans to be whatever they wish to be by a energy of strain as well as a digital universe – joining them opposite cities, borders as well as continents.

All 8 artists set off for a USA, fans will be continuous with them around a time by a website, mobile site or mobisite, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr as well as YouTube as well as live webcasts from on-the road. Millions of fans will knowledge this strain series as well as ancestral tour as it happens. Fans will knowledge their a one preferred stars up-close as well as personal as well as ramble where no air blower has roamed before, digital ALL ACCESS PASSES delivered privately by these superstars to their fans!

All a artists have worked together to emanate a strain that is a indeed Pan-African creation. The organisation will additionally fire a video in Chicago that will be expelled globally with a initial singular in November, to one side a full manuscript as well as DVD shortly after.

You can follow ONE8 around a time upon a following central portals:,,,,,

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