Shinohara Emi => Seiyuu Highlight #4: Takeuchi Junko

A really gifted woman, Takeuchi Junko is a single of those seiyuu which we admire! Her voice is flexible.

I initial knew about Takeuchi Junko in Katekyo Hitman Reborn (as Lambo) as well as never, ever have we even illusory which she additionally uttered Naruto (even Naruto in Shippuuden)!

That was a surprise! At which time we usually review a Naruto manga. So we fast looked for a shave only to listen to Junko-san’s voice as Naruto. A lot of Naruto fans yet were unhappy when they found out which Naruto was uttered by a girl. It’s understandable, however, they additionally need to assimilate which it’s tough for a male to voice a immature child or even let a immature child turn a voice actress for Naruto when, I’m sure, their report can be fatiguing for a kid. Besides, One would need a lot of precision as well as knowledge to turn a seiyuu. Even Goku (Dragon Ball) as well as Tsuna (Hitman Reborn) were uttered by girls. The shave next is a gathering of a little of a characters she voiced:

I’ve seen a little of her interviews as well as performances as well as she’s so cute!!! ^_^ Here’s a shave of her opening as Child Lambo with Takahashi Hiroki (Squalo) as well as Tsuda Kenjirou (Adult Lambo) during Rebocon 5:

Here’s an additional shave of Junko-san behaving Lal Mirch’s (Suzuki Masami) impression strain patrician “Burning Prayer” in Robocon 4 Red:

So cool! Kakkoii! To end, here’s a PV of Naruto: Road to Ninja with Takeuchi Junko (Naruto), Morikawa Toshiyuki (Minato) as well as Shinohara Emi (Kushina):

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