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Alison Pill => Alison Pill Shines In Wait Until Dark

Wait Until Dark
With Alison Pill, Rod McLachlan, Matt McTigue
Directed by Matt Shakman
Written by Frederick Knott
Geffen Playhouse Gil Cates Theater
Westwood, CA
Through Nov 17
Five Scoops of Bosco

Reviewed by Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco

We have grown so in the habit of to Alison Pill’s clever opening in HBO’s The Newsroom that you roughly take her behaving abilities for postulated now.

The genuine exam is how she would be in the live opening but the reserve net of “another take”.

But the actuality of the have the difference is that Pill’s resume includes most good theatre performances upon Broadway including House of Blue Leaves, The Miracle Worker, Mauritius and her Tony nominated work in Litutenant of Inishmore.

In her ultimate tour to the Stage, Pill pulls off the good live opening in the severe purpose of Susan Hendrix, the blind heroine, in the theatre instrumentation of the classical thriller Wait Until Dark.

This fool around created by Frederick Knott (Dial M For Murder) as well as the renouned movie in the late-1960′s starring Audrey Hepburn, is now using during the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles.

While this is not the primary time this square has been finished upon stage, this sold instrumentation has been re-tooled to take place in the 1940′s that gives it an roughly movie noir feel.

While Pill is the star here, she has the good ancillary expel of characters together with Rod McLachlan as Carlino, Matt McTigue as Sam, Brighid Fleming as Gloria, Adam Stein as Roat, as well as Mather Zickel as Mike.

Great citation by Matt Shakman environment up the thriller aspects of the fool around that is not as easy to do in the live opening as it is upon film.

Simplistic, nonetheless really fit sets by Craig Siebel, period-piece costuming by E.B. Brooks as well as the smashing insinuate environment of the Geffen Theatre, where there is not the bad chair in the house, have this the fun fool around value seeing.

The fool around runs until Nov 17.

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