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August Mina Maven Dominik Garcia-Lorido

1. Lets start from the beginning, tell me a little bit about your background?

I was born in Miami and raised in LA. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Went to school in North Hollywood my whole life. I would always spend my summers in Key Biscayne. So I’ve always been sort of bi coastal. I’m a valley girl/Key rat.

2. Currently you are on the Hit Show “Magic City” Set in 1959 Miami, Florida shortly after the Cuban Revolution, this hits close to home for you. How has your Cuban heritage help you play the character of Mercedes Lazaro?

It always means more when you have a personal connection to a role. and this is far and beyond. I’m very fortunate to have the opportunity to portray a girl that I relate to in so many ways. To be able to tell this story accurately is an honor. You never see how it was really affecting the Cubans that were living in Miami pre revolution. How what was going on in Cuba affected them. It’s usually showing the Cubans living in Cuba. So this is an interesting approach. I’m excited for season two when we delve deeper into this subject.

3. We know you still remain very close to your friends and family in Miami and visit as often as possible, walk us through and average day for you in Miami.

When I come back I come back to Key Biscayne. Key life is very chill, very relaxed. I have the same friends that I grew up with since I was little. Most of us are connected because our parents grew up together too. My mom is a Key Rat since she came from Cuba in 1960. Everyone lives really close to each other. So we’ll just hop over to someones house when we are bored. No need to dress up ever . Its life in bathing suits or your sweatpants , whatever. That’s right up my alley. I’m kind of a roll out of bed and walk out the door girl. Screw makeup and heels. We hang out at the Yacht Club a lot. Friday nighters happy hour at the gazebo with the parents. we ride on golf carts instead of cars. There’s easy access to  going on the boat. so that can always be a last minute thing. it’s island life.

4. You have also worked on a few films with your dad Andy Garcia. Did you find it challenging or did it come naturally for you to work with your infamous pops?

It’s always been very easy fro me to work with pops. We just make the switch from daughter/father to actor/actor. we are very professional. If we didn’t do that there’s no way we would be able to work together.

5. You are the oldest of four siblings, what is one of your fondest memories growing up with your family?

We are all extremely close. My sisters are my best friends. Growing up we traveled alot. My dad always was working on location and we’d always go with. We’d get pulled out of school and be tutored on location. Kind of a Gypsy life. But this is the reason why my family has a such a tight bond. And we sort of have separation anxiety from each other when we aren’t together. My sisters and I would have to entertain each other in these random cities where we knew nobody. And my dad didn’t necessarily always work in  really cool cities. Sometimes my dad would shoot in these really remote locations that the most exciting place to go was a TJ Max and McDonald’s. My greatest memories are definitely all these crazy trips.

6. Your mom Maria Victoria is lovely and classically beautiful, what beauty secrets did you pick up from her?

She is my beauty icon. My mom never wears makeup unless its for something nice she’s going to.. and even then she keeps it very natural. She’s always emphasized how natural is beautiful and less is more. I never wear makeup on a day to day. She’s taught me little tricks here and there. One that I use which is something her grandmother ( my great grandmother) taught her: Forget all those expensive eye creams.. before bed we put Vaseline all around the eyes. Also avoid any sun on your face. My mom also only uses organic makeup. We both don’t smoke cigarettes.

7. You have always seemed to stay very humble through it all, what advice would you want to give “up and comers” to keep their feet on the ground?

I think just surround yourself by really grounded people who are never going to treat you differently no matter what kind of success you have. You want to be around people that will call you on your shit. My real friends don’t think I’m cool or anything, they think I’m a dork. Which I 100% am.

8. This we gotta ask for the boys, what is your current relationship status!?

I’m Single.

9. What is the one item in your closet that you can not live without?

My hoodies, and my sweatpants. My sunglasses

10. Describe your style.

very casual, loose fitting, comfort, tomboy. I know that sounds uber sexy.

11. How did you hear about Mina Miami Beach Boutique?

From Moni :) , the youngest of the three Minagorri sisters. I love and have known for a few years now.

12. How old were you when you new you wanted to become an actress?

I just always had it in me. I started acting classes when I was 5. When I was in like the 4th grade we had to do a project where we did a collage on what we wanted to be when we grew up. i couldn’t decide between two things. Actress was always the obvious thing for me.. it was like something I knew I always would be. But I had this really weird obsession with architecture at a young age. I used to just flip through architectural digest for hours. My parents always had them around the house saved. I would sit in front of my easel and sketch houses all day long. So when we did these collages I drew a diagonal line across the poster board and one side was architect and the other side was actress. When I took geometry in 10th grade i let go of the architect dreams real fast. But I still love it.

13.  What challenges have you faced throughout your career?

Rejection is never easy. And it never will be. Especially when you really really love a part so much or you get really close to getting it. It’s hard. There’s been many times when I’ve just broken down and thought I don’t know if I could take this anymore. But you have to develop a thick skin and you have to always let it go when you leave an audition and know that there is a 99% chance you will not get it and just focus on leaving a good impression because that’s the only thing you can control. getting the part has so many other political elements that you just cant control. “you’re too tall, you’re not American enough, you’re not Latin enough, you don’t look old enough, you don’t look young enough. you’re voice is too deep.” I mean I’ve heard it all.

14. If you were to star in a film playing anyone of your choice who would it be?

I don’t know. I really have no idea. I think I’d love to play an athlete though. I’m pretty athletic. I’m a basketball junkie. that would be cool. I love a good sports movie.

15. Many young actress’s today find it difficult to get an audition and even more difficult to book the gig, what advice would you have for these girls?

I think the ones who will survive really don’t need much advice. I honestly just want to say go do something else. Be happy have some stability, fall in love make babies. Screw this business. If they listen to me then they would have never survived this business in the first place. If they don’t, then they really can’t live without it. If you’re just trying to be celebrity and  be famous I got no respect fro you and just stop and go home. Fame obsessed people really piss me off and I don’t know who told people that acting was an easy way to access that because it’s not.

16. Leave us with your favorite quote.

My grandfather would say this and my dad always repeats it:.

“Never take a step backwards.. Not even to gain Momentum,”

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